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About 808 Life

For those that are not certain, a ROLAND 808 is a drum machine that has been used throughout the years to capture that Miami Bass sound. Bass music is something that we have always loved and felt we should create 808 Life to honor it.

808 Life is not just a recording label. We are made up of talent that integrates event coordination, DJ’s, and promotions.We carry a small but expanding line of merchandise available via our shop. We love Bass Music and want to share it with the rest of the world as well. However, we are not limited to Bass Music. We enjoy all music. 808 Life are supporters of great music!

808 life is brought to you by Robert Culture Perez and Julio Soltek Blanco. Robert is the founding member of Culture Productions based out of Miami Fl. He has over 20 years of experience in the nightclub/event industry and has hosted some of the longest running events and biggest DJs from all over the world. Julio has become a popular dj in the Florida circuit and is expanding his talents for the rest of the world to experience. He is half of the group Drop Zone. He is a flawless mixer and a very talented producer as well. He can spin any genre of music but prefers that 808 sound! Together they have formed 808 Life.

The possibilities are endless……

808 Life is many different things including a record label. With the record label we plan on showcasing good quality music. All genres. We love Bass Music and the infamous 808 sound but we will not limit ourselves to that. We love music of all styles as long as its good. 808 Life record label will be distributed on over 200 digital sites. We will gladly take submissions for consideration.


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